The Parks of Chandler

Photograph the parks in Chandler, AZ, emphasizing their beauty and features.  The goal for this topic is to take photos that would be suitable for advertising the desirability of Chandler to potential residents and to let current residents see what is available in Chandler.


Photograph graffiti around metropolitan Phoenix.  Shoot both graffiti that some might consider artistic (ignoring its location and possible defacement of others property) and of graffiti which, by common standards, would be considered defacing and without merit.  A goal for this topic might be to provide a framework for a discussion of graffiti and to determine how prevalent graffiti is in our area.

Candid Shots of People

Photograph people in ordinary situations, for example at the zoo or on a downtown street.  The goal of this topic would be to overcome my reluctance to photograph people and to take pictures that viewers of the pictures can relate to.