1. Nature Study: Symmetry

Symmetry is a theme that has always informed my art. I am currently working on a mixed media installation that carries images of trees and branches against the sky.  I use  Photoshop to mirror these “tree forms” resulting in an image that is bilaterally symmetrical. These compositions have been very simplified; pared down to essential lines and shapes– like a drawing. I would like to further explore this notion by photographing natural desert environments (botanical, landscape, etc) and “impose” symmetry where there is none.

2. Small Scale: Symmetry

Taking elements of the above idea, but bringing nature inside the studio: setting up small scale environments using found objects (botanical) and controlled lighting to create “half compositions”, and then completing the image by mirroring it. Inspiration for this idea stems from current work, but also the work of artists such as Erin Tyner who create small scale imagery.

3. Documenting Current Studio Work

This plan would involve photographing my work in progress for an upcoming solo exhibition. The emphasis here would be on recording the exploration of ideas and materials; the subsequent evolution of work from the current beginning stages to fruition; and ultimately photographing the entire installation as it is in the gallery.

4. A combination of ideas 1 and 2 is another possibility.