1. Lehi, AZ.  I enjoyed the example pictures of Higley and how it captured the old town rural/farming community and the people that lived there. I would like to make a collection of the flavor of Lehi, AZ, a unique community within a community, showing the lifestyle of people who love keeping horses and riding down the middle of the streets in the evening, having a goat or a cow, planting a big garden, having plenty of elbow room, and keeping the old while embracing the new.  I plan to start this weekend by attending the annual Lehi Days rodeo and barbeque and get some pics there of people having a lot of fun in their own incredible Lehi way.Historical
  2. Mesa, AZ. The more times I went to Mesa to take pictures (and also to look for a wedding reception place for our friend), the more I was totally fascinated. The vintage style buildings have changed ownerships many times over, and I was mesmerized as to what is happening there now.  Bronze statues line both sides of the street, and they depict the history of the town and the people.  They could make a great photo subject just on their own. 
  3.  Bridges.  I like bridges, and I like walking over them.  I would find some that are visually appealing and perhaps tell a story.  I especially like the little wooden bridge that goes over the duck pond at Freestone Park. It has been a favorite photo shooting place of mine.  There is also another interesting bridge near where I live that locals refer to “the bridge to nowhere” since it goes over the 202 and connects a little rural road to a citrus orchard. (For a short time, I actually thought this was the bridge the politicians refer to as a waste of money.)