My first idea for my semester long assignment is portraits. I am not that good at them so I think if I did a whole series of them I would get the hang of them and I could experiment with some ideas I’ve been having lately. Such as shooting the series with only masks, any/every type of mask I can get my hands on. Or doing a series of studio looking portraits, or just a combination of it all for portraits.

My second idea for the semester long assignment is, redoing my car series but incorporating people into it. Like a day in a life story of the person and their car. While also highlighting the car as the main idea/theme. Doing interior shots while the person is driving, of while they’re working on the car. And also showing the love/time spent with/in the car.

Thirdly I’m thinking about doing a series all on shadows, and their casters. Trying to show the relationship each have with one another. Like the ring on a book at the right angle makes a heart with the shadow, symbolizing the love one has for their significant other that also wears a ring. Or how a shadow doesn’t always make sense to that is casting it