1. Country Photography
Capture images that focus on country aspects. This is a theme I have been dying to shoot lately. I’d use a mix of architecture, landscape, animal and detailed shots. Try to capture rich colors using natural lighting, like sunrise and sunset. I want to show the hard work ethic, love and simplicity that that life style holds through photos. For example, farms, horses, barns, fields, tractors, etc.

2. Fountains
Photograph a series on fountains I find that capture my attention. They can be small or large; and I’d mix detailed shots with architectural shots. Capture different fountains at different times of the day, in different weather. Make them look more interesting and unique; maybe turn them into something someone would stop and take a second look at if they were walking past it.

3. Black and White Animal Shots
Try to capture different types of animals and still make the photos look intriguing without using color. I’d do a mix of pet portraits, wildlife (depending on what I can find), and macro body part shots. I love taking pictures of animals and I know how repetitive pet shots can be, so I would really kind of want to take it to the next level with the black and white. Maybe even instead of black and white I would do selective color (just to show what caught my attention most)? I’m still playing around with this idea though.