1. I would like to create a series of pictures of unique lawn art found in the desert southwest. This could include everything from odd or interesting lawn Gnome, to full size or even oversized sculptures. I have found allot of interesting stuff people display for the world to see just driving around town. I would love to continue to develop this idea and create a Portfolio of my work for my final project.
  2. I enjoy taking landscape photos and living in the east valley so I live in the right area for this type of work. The issue I have with this idea is its not as challenging or interesting as my first idea. I would appreciate any suggestions that could make this type of work more challenging and unique.
  3. I have not taken allot of cityscape photos so this might be a challenge and fun way to see what I have been missing. I still want to do some long exposure low light night work and this could be a very interesting combination. I am not sold this is better than my first idea so I would appreciate any suggestions before I make a final decision.