#1 – I would like to capture downtown Phoenix’s growing urban scene. Unique
coffee shops, people riding bikes, marketplaces, public art, etc. My vision is to see
people living in community and resisting the ‘normal’ standard of living. I love how
people will only buy locally grow products and are against large corporations.

#2 – Pick a unique mile stretch of road and confine myself to just shooting within
that area over the next couple month. Examples would be Mill ave or Roosevelt
Row, but not so obvious. I like the idea of an area that is unique but not necessary

#3 – My Grandmother has leukemia and doesn’t have very long to live. I have
thrown around the idea of photographing her last days. I think it would challenge
me as I’m not one to photograph people. Downfalls are that I need to get her
permission and I don’t how much access I will have to her as she has been bouncing
around hospitals.