1. Automotive Photography. It was pictures of sports cars to made me gain interest in photography, I’m in many car clubs who’s members often post pictures of their cars, some where horribly composed, terribly over exposed, and fairly uninteresting pictures like you might find in an auto-trader magazine, while some other pictures taken by the more photo-talented car club members look like they are strait off the cover of motor trend magazine. The reason I began to study photography, is because the pictures I took of my cars generally looked more like auto-trader snap shots. Since I’ve began studying photography, I have learned a lot of the mistakes I was making in the past, and now I feel I am able to take those more shocking and more spectacular looking pictures if i simply spend more time doing it.
2. Time lapse. fairly simple idea, I would periodically take a picture of something that would change over time, I had a few different Ideas of what to use, I don’t want to use anything to simple of obvious like a piece of fruit, but I though I might grow a small plant, and document its progression, I have a few I could start with already.
3. Night-time. I haven’t done much night time photography since my first semester. I need to get a shutter remote timer for my camera, but I want to take some fun star photographs. I was thinking of using Canyon Lake so I can use the lake to reflect more of the sky. I also want to experiment some more drawing with light, in the scene. If I can come across a cheap enough used camera body, I’d like a camera adapted for infrared photography, and I would experiment with some home-made infrared lights.