ART 290: Studio Art | Digital Photography

Welcome to ART 290! This blog will help us keep in contact between each of our class meetings on Monday nights. I will post assignments, your recent work and interesting thoughts and links to inspire your current projects. To get the most out of this class, please make sure you are checking the blog frequently. You can comment on each others work in class or on the blog. I am looking forward to working with each of you for the remainder of the semester!

ART 290 is designed to build upon the fundamentals learned in ART 143. You will be completing assignments that are designed to further enhance not only your ability to capture interesting, well composed digital photographs but also working with lighting and focusing on creating a series of images for each assignment. Creating a series of images for each assignment will help you to think critically about not only how each image works on its own but also how it builds and adds to the entire body of work.

You will find the syllabus attached for the class attached below:

ART290 Class Syllabus