Semester Long Project: Portfolio

Required for Completion: 15 Photographs

Due Dates:

  • 3 potential ideas DUE:  Monday, March 4th
  • Commented on at least 2 of your classmates ideas by:  Friday, March 8th
  • 5 working images DUE: Monday, March 25th
  • 5 additional working images DUE: April 22nd
  • Final images DUE for critique: TBD

Objective: To create a body of work from a common theme or idea. This assignment is designed to utilize all of the technical and creative skills we have established in ART 143 and thus far in ART 290.

Points Possible: 200

Grading Rubric For Final Assignment:

Accomplished overall assignment objectives 25
Submitted a written paragraph for 3 potential ideas by DUE date 25
Commented on at least 2 of your classmates possible ideas for their final project by DUE date 25
Submitted 5 working images by DUE date 25
Submitted 5 additional working images by DUE date 25
Submitted 15 final well composed and aesthetically pleasing images for final critique 25
Final images were cropped and submitted in the proper format as specified below 10
Printed 5 strongest images for critique 25
Participated in the critique 15


  • Come up with 3 unique potential ideas for your final project and submit this in the form of a short paragraph for each idea. Your project can be anything as long as the final images produced have a common theme. You should submit this to me in the form of a Word document by the DUE date. Each of your ideas will be posted on the class blog for review by your peers. You must comment on at least 2 of your peers possible project ideas to give them direction.
  • Narrow down your project to 1 of your 3 topics based on the comments from your peers and your instructor. Your subject or theme will then be developed and photographed throughout the semester. Your topic should be something that interests you and something that is accessible to you for the remainder of the semester. Do not choose a topic that is too difficult to shoot or that requires a great deal of travel as this might discourage you from working on the project or to shoot it all in one day. I want you to continually be working on the project for the entire semester, revisiting and strengthening your series of images. You want to be able to capture as many images as possible from which you will edit down to a final 15 edited photographs.
  • The 15 final images you submit for your project should relate to each other in some way either by subject matter or by a common theme (See the examples posted below for ideas). Please let me know if you want to run some ideas by me for your final project.
  • Great detail should be taken for your final 15 images both technically and creatively. You should capture images that are technically well crafted utilizing the best lighting either natural or artificial. Plan the images you capture around the best time to photograph. In other words, plan for the best lighting, time of day etc. to enhance the overall quality of the project.
  • From your final 15 images, you will choose your best 5 to be printed for the final critique. You are required to print the images but you may mount or mat your images if you choose.
  • We will be working on other assignments during the semester so you should plan accordingly. Do not save the project until the very end of class. Make sure you are submitting working images on the DUE dates to keep you on track.

Please crop each of your final images at 10 inches on the longest side at 300 ppi and title them:

  • Lastname#1.jpg, Lastname#2.jpg etc. according to the order you want them viewed

Please submit your final project in a folder titled:

  • LastnameFP

Artists Examples for Inspiration for Semester Long Project:

Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi

Andrew Phelps: Higley

Andrew Moore: Detroit

Amy Stein

Michael Kenna