1. With a passion for great to simple food and a background in Culinary Arts a collection of pictures of some of the most memorable dishes I have had over the years comes to mind. Pictures would include on location photos at a restaurant along with food photography style photos taken in my kitchen of the recipes I have created over the years and some have become family favorites.
  2. Around the Phoenix metropolitan area there are many little and well known water features…fountains, waterfalls, etc. Reflective light at each location during different parts of the day produce unique images which I would like to capture via different photograph techniques from fisheye to tilt ‘n shift lenses; HDR to black and white processes and other image manipulations via Photoshop.
  3. Candid shots of the people and life style of the native islanders of the South Seas… Bora Bora, Papeete. Shots will be taken in the cities and rural locations during my upcoming trip to this area. My inspiration for this endeavor is a self-published “blurb” book from a Flagstaff photographer entitled Faces and Places – East Africa